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Video Gambling Machines in Maryland Could Be Illegal By Next Year

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While most states are expanding their gambling. Peter Franchot is trying to make Maryland go the other way. He is trying to push legislation that would ban video gambling machines from the state.

The target date for the machines to become illegal is next year. Franchot believes that the machines are a form of gambling that is not regulated and is being taken advantage of by bar owners.

“The gambling industry is making a killing on these operations. The time has come to put an end to it,” said Franchot. Currently, licenses are available for bar owners to carry and operate the machines.

The new legislation is a Bill that is currently ready to be reviewed by the Senate. The Bill would make it illegal for bar owners to have the machines.

While the current system allows for the machines to be used in a not for profit way, there is speculation that certain bars are paying out on the machines illegally. With the recent busts around the country, that is not a weak observation.

The not for profit organizations, however, will be highly opposed to the machines ban. They use the machines in the correct manner, and raise money for various causes using the machines.

“If you do away with all of this local activity, who is going to provide the money for the…causes that are funded? No one’s proposing any replacement for it financially,” said Bruce Bereano a lobbyist for a company that manufactures electronic bingo machines.

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